I Killed My Mother

 András Visky: I Killed My Mother


Director: Visky András

Decorator: Bacsik Eelemér
Stage manager: Csiszér József
Music: Visky Péter
Special effects: Deák Tamás
Lights: Máyer Sándor, Nagy Alpár, Visky Bence
Assistant director: Deák Katalin
Choreographer: Zsíros Linda

Settings and costumes: VISKY ANDRÁS

Partner: Mihaela Panaite (Sala Mică – The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj)

Sponsored by: Nemzeti Erőforrás Minisztériuma

This play tells the story of a Romanian Roma (gypsy) girl whose mother abandons her after birth. With the help of her childhood soul-mate she learns to navigate the harsh realities of her existence and to excise parasitic relationships, to “kill,” to turn her back forever even on the maternal bond, in order to discover her own extraordinary identity.