Private railroad

Private railroad - Songs, words, encounters

Recital of actress Éder Enikő

„I do not know otherwise, this is all I know, and it is pointless that you ask me, I can’t give you something else. Maybe, someone else will promise you more and sing better than me. But I do not know otherwise, this is all I know. Instead of miracles I offer you just a smile.” (Bódi László: Csodálatos világ – A wonderful world)

I travel through sounds and words. Landscapes are my memories. The train schedule is embedded in volumes, I’m randomly browsing through it to find today’s road. If you wish, I get off and walk along the words. If you want. The train whistle is my companion. I have no luggage. I didn’t bring you much of a gift, but maybe it can be everything. Songs and words that are dear to me. One night, one station. Afterwards we continue our journey. Only God knows where we are heading.

Come and play with me. I’ll hide. Will you look for me?