Rudolf Hess Ten Commandements, reviews

Rudolf Hess' Ten Commandements, reviews


Alina Nelega’s drama is build around the mentally disordered leader, Hitler’s deputy, who was actually sentenced to life imprisonment at the Nuremberg-case, is shown as a character inspired by Nazi-ideas, clinging on to the Fuehrer due to losing his faith in Jesus and in his own belief: sometimes shown as an animal eating up all his humanity, who is unable to see his own sins, and sometimes shown as a troubled soul collapsing to the ground of fear.
Harsányi is not forced to snatch new masks with every scene, he, as Rudolf Hess, suffers by looking down on us.

Like Hitler, he showers us with sentences rejecting the female sex. He justifies his horrible deeds with emotionless facial expressions. Grinding pieces of raw meat he ends up with his own hand in the mincing machine. He is the ’gourmet’ killer, lecherous having homosexual inclinations, who, in his black clerical robe is preparing himself for suicide and most of all considering himself to be pure and innocent.

(Szoboszlai Annamária,

Rudolf Hess' Ten commandments

„ Best performance: Rudolf Hess’ Ten Commandments - monodrama” - /Theater review,

„Stupefying play and excellent performance” - /Nyugati Jelen,

„I saw, heard and thus became more” – /

„Show me to myself so that I could see clearly.” – / /

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The performance has a very high level of professional completeness, technique and intoxicating excitement. It doesn’t allow participation or staying far-off, or more precisely, it sometimes absorbs you entirely, sometimes it pushes you away and sometimes both at the same time. Horrifying, moving find yourself in front of the black / white wall built-up as background perfectly fitted to the black and white objects, making the red bowl and the sight of the ruddy meat almost hurt, shocking everyone’s senses. The colorful acting is counteracted by the purest simplicity.

If it would have been my decision, I would have given an award to Attila Harsányi, because he succeeds in driving the audience into the character’s own madness- that is, Rudolf Hess, in a minimalistic stage setting  –but so powerful that the audience feels sucked in for eternity in his surrealist and confused world and state of mind.

(nyemcsok éva eső,

A play with character

Against my previous beliefs, it was worth seeing Rudolf Hess’ Ten Commandments, a special play with so much character, was never seen before in Arad. Attila Harsányi, the Hungarian actor from Szeged, established the character of Rudolf Hess, as they say: by the book from every point of view.

(Andrea Zsigmond, In Its Thick, Festival Diary 2. Timisoara)

A strange walk through Hell

The Aradi Kamaraszinhaz Theatre Company and the Szegedi Hetek performed Alina Nelega’s monodrama entitled Rudolf Hess’ Ten Commandments in an upsetting way. According to the actor, Attila Harsányi:  „This play is for me a strange walk through Hell - says the actor- after the performance, I can clearly understand the terms we call today Love and Christianity. A critic wrote that he felt as if I was responsible for those things I did on stage, not Hess. I would like it if this performance would inspire the audience to pore on.”

(Barbara Fábián, Thealter Extazis)