The Concealers - Last tango in Paris

The Concealers

Aradi Kamaraszínház and Andaxínház production

They are hiding. Two thirsty souls. The woman is afraid, and the man is afraid too, as they can take advantage of each other’s vulnerability and frailness. It feels uncomfortable in their emotional surrounding, so they don’t mingle. The foreseen loss prevents their bonding. 

Everything would be so much easier if we would accept that not only the weak can love tenderly. If we would free our emotions and sometimes let ourselves return toward the inside.

The Woman: Rita Góbi

The Man: Péter Parti

Music: Béla Ágoston

Choreographer: Aniko Zsalakovics

Premiere: the 20th of April, 2011

Sponsored by: the Ministry of National Resources, Hungary