The Story of Ronald, The Clown From McDonalds

The Story of Ronald, The Clown From McDonald's

after Rodrigo Garcia


Sound and effects: Borsos Pál
Lights: Ioan Horga
Stage manager: Gheorghe Muresan
Director's assistant: Fekete Réka

Director: Victor Scoradeţ

Rodrigo Garcia's The Story of Ronald, The Clown From McDonald's is an anti-capitalist satire, an imagistic, assaultive meditation on consumer culture and globalization.
Recognizing the weirdness of foodstuffs churned out by the industry of leisure and artificial pleasures. Exposing the harmful side-effects of the sort of education that dulls the sensitivities of young people plunged in a perpetual present time.

Symbol of frenzied consumerism and the bulimia of a world that's hard to digest, the McDonald's clown appears to be an attractive figure who laughs at his misdeeds and his auto-da-fés. The double language of advertising, cheap sentiment, the civilizing propaganda of political power.

The production was financed by the AFCN (Administration of the National Cultural Fund, Romania)